History of the Stockton Rose Society

Written by Arlene Galela


Stockton Rose Society Organized 1975

In 1975 the Central Valley Rose Society was started and affiliated with the American Rose Society by Annette Dobbs with 26 members present. Annette served as the first president and later served as Vice President, Secretary and for 22 years was Editor. For many years it serviced the Stockton and surrounding area for anyone to gather and further their knowledge of the rose.

In 1999 our founder who is a master gardener, hybridizer, rose show judge and consulting rosarian, became ill and could no longer accomplish the tasks she was used to doing and so a decline in membership occurred.

In 2001 with many of the other aging members relocating or no longer with us, a drive began by then president Ramon Galela to revive and revitalize the declining society. A committee was organized which consisted of Angie Nicholas, Dorothy Merrylees, Dorothy Simpson, Ramon Galela and Arlene Galela.

In May 2004 with the blessings of our founder, it was deemed that the name Central Valley no longer represented who we are and where we are from, so The Stockton Rose Society was reborn.

Lovely Roses

Ramon’s Lovely Roses

With the expert advice of Angie Nicholas (who brought previous experience) and the encouragement from Dorothy Merrylees and Dorothy Simpson, (who are longtime members), the group was able to execute a plan to bring to the City of Stockton a Rose Society which has serviced the area with sound advice, great guest speakers, and a wonderful Rose Show every spring, that brings beauty to our city and confidence to our members.



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